Imagine tens of thousands of people, rocking out to your favourite music, in a beautiful remote city. Imagine six stages that put out quality live music from hardcore punk to acoustic café stages, the Stagehand Staffing Provider is ready to help put up the best show. International offerings of food and culture. Three days of fair autumn weather with friends, camping out, staying up and getting amongst it.


Giant entryways mark the beginning and you struggle on cramped legs to carry your body weight in camping equipment through a rapidly filling campground. Marking out your spot and dumping your stuff, the excitement in the giant field is undeniable. You’re here!

Now picture that there are motorcross performances, the coolest kids area you’ve ever seen and carnival rides. Your days are spent checking out the markets, escaping the midday sun at the chai tent and finding your newest favourite band at every turn. At night you can see all the star constellations and there’s entertaining interviews and soulful music that perfectly matches the warm feeling in your belly that isn’t totally due to the hot chocolate next to you.


It’s a happy place, a place that you look forward to coming back to every year. And every year it’s there, but different. Always new and surprising, and you can’t wait to do it all again.

Imagine that festival?

We can...